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  • Street Food in Korea: Ice Cream Fish Bread (아이스 크림 붕어빵)

  • Vera Lee 893

    Marie and I enjoyed some Ice Cream Fish Bread (아이스 크림 붕어빵) on the streets of Hongdae~!!! We also get chocolate on our faces and hands~!!! Fun~!!! Bungeoppang (붕어빵) is a carp/fish shaped bread that is usually filled with hot, red azuki bean paste. It’s a great treat in the winter! Koreans have turned this common snack into a new ice cream dessert! This “new” dessert has been found in certain street food areas of Seoul since this past summer to keep people cool. It’s a neat recreation of bungeoppang, and it’s funny to see that it is still popular, even in the winter season! The Ice Cream Fish Bread is has a sugar creme filling, which is covered in frozen yogurt. Then it’s drizzled with fondue chocolate and crushed peanuts. There’s a skewer stick of grapes and pineapple also dipped in the fondue chocolate that’s stabbed into the dessert treat. It’s simple, delicious, and only costs 3,000 Won (roughly $2.90). If you’re in Korea and you see this snack on the streets, you should definitely give it a try!!! Please LIKE this video if you enjoyed what you watched! And leave some questions, comments or suggestions! =)