Paris Baguette is in Paris now

It’s interesting to read that Paris Baguette, a Korean bakery, is now in Paris ^^* It so reminds me of my some-kind-of travelling philosophy. And, I so love Paris Baguette Blueberry Yogurt Cake!

江南 POSCO Aquarium 水族館 免費參觀

每次吃完河東館, 就會到隔壁的POSCO CENTER大樓大廳, 看看她們的水族館 跨足2層樓高(B1&1F), 高9M, 寬5M, 水量180噸, 昰東洋最大規模的圓形水族館 當然只要走進POSCO大樓, 就可以免費參觀



KOREAN AIR フォトコンテスト

今年初めて知ったのですが、KOREAN AIRでは、毎年開催されているようで、私も、応募してみようかな?って(^^♪

Buses in Seoul

There are some type of bus in Seoul. If you want to get around Seoul or want go to other suburban area or maybe you want to explore some of metropolitan satelite cities near Seoul area, you may know this info. Seoul bus can be devided with different kinds of colors, they are : Green Bus operates in downtown of Seoul. You can find this kind of bus and it connects you to residential areas, subway lines and bus terminals. The green color stands for the mountains surrounding the city. Blue Bus will connect from downtown of Seoul to suburban area. The blue color represents Seoul’s skyline and Hangang (River) to symbolize security and freedom. Red Bus or can be said as an express bus, is a convenient bus which connects people who live in neighboring cities. This bus serves routes between major areas (downtown, Gangnam, Yeongdeungpo, etc) and metropolitan satellite cities (Ilsan, Bundang, Uijeongbu, etc). The color red exudes energy of speed. Yellow Bus operates in downtown of Seoul and will connect you to tourist spots, shopping and business area. Yellow simbolize for dynamic and friendly image.

Summer Along the Han River !!

Summer Along the Han River ! One of the best things about Seoul is the beautiful, ever-calm, ever-sparkling Han River that runs through it. And it’s more than just a sight for sore eyes. The river and its banks are the heart of the Hangang Park, which stretches across 12 districts, on both sides of the water. The Han River Renaissance Project greatly beautified the grassy green areas of the park starting about five years ago. Today, Seoul residents flock to the park in all weathers to stroll, bike or just take in the river. One especially lovely segment of the park is the Yeouinaru Han River Park, in Yeouido, the center of Korean politics, finance and media. Yeouinaru Park offers many activities, including the Peach Blossom Festival, World Fireworks Festival, concerts and marathons. It also has an eco-learning center and eco-friendly park, where visitors can have fun and help preserve nature. Of course, a favorite thing to do there is just relax. Entire families, groups of friends and couples head to Yeouinaru Park to have picnics, read on the grass and play sports. With a convenience store there and the option to get food delivered as well, the comforts to be found at the park are just about endless. Things get even better after sunset, as the river is backdropped by a stunning night view of Seoul featuring the N-tower and the 63 Building, two landmarks of the city. So if you’ve got some time this weekend, head over to Yeouinaru Park. It may not be the beach, but when it comes to a summer in Seoul, the Han River is the place to be.


来月開催される 【ツーリズムEXPOジャパン】(東京ビッグサイト)において、どんな催しものがあったら良いか? 私の考える理想のブースをご紹介(^^♪

New Charm in South Korea

The beauty of Nami Island, Jeju Island or Mount Seorak has become a powerful magnet to attract tourists to South Korea. However, South Korea actually still has a lot of natural potential that will make us amazed. Now, the country that is famous with K-Pop introduces Jeollanam-do province. This province has another name given which is “Green Heritage” because its ecological heritage.

To:ur Imagination

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夜警日誌 東方神起 TREE Documentary Film

8/4から始まった夜警日誌を見ましたか~♡♡♡                  東方神起ユノが出演しています。視聴率も良かったみたいで嬉しい~。 そして、Gyaoで東方神起「I love you」(LIVE TOUR 2014 ~TREE~ Documentary Film)」が無料配信しています! 私、横浜1公演、仙台1公演、東京ドーム3公演の、計5公演行ったのですが、その時の感動が再び(T_T)

Korean Literature Video Contest

TOPIC TEXT: 1) 20 works from “20th Century Korean Literature” 2) 15 works from “New Writing From Korea”

Make new glasses? Get a hair cut?

I am thankful to be able to spend 31 days in Korea during Spring 2014. And so what did I/ my family do? Want to make new glasses? Want to get a hair cut?