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  • Korea’s traditional district, Insadong (한국의 전통 지역 인사동 )

  • Vera Lee 768

    Come walk around with me in Seoul’s famous and traditional culture district known as Insadong! This location is over 500 years old. It was home to many high level Korean aristocrats and artists back in the Joseon dynasty. After the Japanese occupation of Korea, the rich were evicted and the area turned into a market area for antique goods and crafts. Slowly, after World War II, this area became a tourist destination for traditional Korean culture (art, music, dance, clothing, etc.). In the early 2000’s, the city renovated the area to its current style with modern streets and building fronts. There are over 100 art galleries, many traditional tea houses, many traditional Korean ceramics and art shops, all condensed into this one area. Many traditional Korean performances happen on the streets quite often, so it’s a great place to visit for culture and some souvenir shopping. Insadong is among the top 5 places to visit when in Seoul.