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  • “Guui Intake Station” Where Art Flows

  • ソウルの文化遺産 SMG 1514

    In April 2014, the Guui Intake Station was transformed into the Seoul Street Art Creation Center as the first base camp for street arts in Korea. The former Guui Intake Station began operation in 1976 and was the largest intake facility in Korea, producing 830,000 tons of water a day.

    When the new Gangbuk Intake Station was constructed in 2011, the Guui Intake Station was rendered obsolete and remained closed until re-opening as the art creation center.

    The Seoul Street Art Creation Center is a Mecca of arts and culture in Seoul that was created to help artists achieve their dreams. Though the center is currently in operation, it continues to undergo its miraculous transformation from an old and deteriorated industrial facility to a place of artistic vision; construction of the center is expected to be completed in 2017. Instead of the clean and clear waters that once flowed from the station, the center will now be providing the citizens of Seoul with a steady stream of art and culture.