Seoul Typography Contest – 김 지현

안녕하세요. 이번 공모전에 참여한 20살 김지현입니다. 저 작품은 서울의 캐릭터 해치가 확성기를 들고 함께 서울을 다방면으로 알린다는 의미로 확성기를 들고있는 모습입니다. 서울의 ㅓ는 서울하면 생각나는 것 중에서 남산타워가 제일먼저 생각나서 표현해봤습니다. 해치와 함꼐 서울이라는 글귀가 잘 어울리기 위해 이렇게 디자인을 해보았습니다.

Seoul Typography Contest – Krisanne Picardal

SEOUL SATISFIES MY SOUL. I’ve been dreaming of visiting Korea since ever since I got into KPOP and Korean Variey Shows. Watching these broadcasts makes me happy and energized after a long tiring day at work. I fell in love with Seoul’s rich history and culture, delicious food, trendy fashion, and beautiful places which I only see in TV shows that I watch. I can’t wait to visit Korea someday and experience Seoul’s tradition, culture, food, fashion, and sceneries satisfying my soul. 😀

Seoul Typography Contest – LEE Joung yoon

모두가 어울릴수있는 서울의 이미지를 “함께서울” 이라는 슬로건을 이용하여 만들어보았습니다.

Seoul Typography Contest – Yeenna Cruz

the image is representing the structure of the Namsan tower which is filled by words that best describes Seoul, South Korea. its says enough to reach for your dreams and live life to the fullest. I used the Namsan tower’s structure because it is well-known and it is one of the beautiful attractions in Seoul. #1

Seoul Typography Contest – Yfenne Lee

I chose to use a simplistic way to portray the image of Seoul. I imagine Seoul at night thus using a darker background, while the surrounding of the word ” Seoul” gives out a foggy, brighter feel as if the city lights in Seoul at night. N Seoul Tower is used as the icon and the skyline of Seoul in silhouette is drawn just as what I imagine I can observe during night time.

Seoul Typography Contest – charissa flagg

A design featuring Gyeongbokgung Palace, Namsan Tower, and lovely cherry blossoms.

Seoul Typography Contest – hung vuviet

I’ve never been to Seoul before but there is one thing that I have tried and been in to since then – Kimchi. Thus, visting Seoul and having a meal with Kimchi in the cold weather of this city is always my lifelong dream.

Seoul Typography Contest – suyeol lee

There are so all villiges in the SEOUL. Sometime, i think they know Seoul’s villiges name. So I want that they find and know seoul’s villige name. Beacuse i design the Typography. Thanks a lot.

Seoul Typography Contest – Septian Nugroho

This is an image of typography “seoul” combined with the flag of south korea. in the background there is a name that is the name of the city in South Korea. such as Jeju, Busan, Daegu, Incheon and others. made with love 🙂

Seoul Typography Contest – Dong-hwa Kyeong

“한국의 정상, 세계인이 모이는 도시, 서울” / 세계인이 줄을 지어 모이는 형상으로 ‘SEOUL’ 이라는 타이포를 완성하였으며 서울의 명소들의 이름으로 ‘SEOUL’의 중심인 ‘O’를 포현하여 세계인이 모여드는 도시임을 표혔하였음.

Seoul Typography Contest – koo jia ern

The only place I marked on the world map — Seoul ,Korea . A beautiful country with many interesting landmarks . A place that I swear I would go at least once in a lifetime . I marked you ! SEOUL, KOREA ! 이곳은 가고싶어 — 서울 <3

Seoul Typography Contest – 张 泽艺

首先作品由我自己在光华门拍摄的照片为背景。根据游戏俄罗斯方块的概念,因为刚刚学韩语的时候觉得韩语和俄罗斯方块很像,同时在韩国的留学生活,很像是一场充满未知的游戏。 저는 직접 광화문에서 찍은 사진으로 배경을 되었다.그리고 서울에서 유학생활이 게임처럼 재미있고 신기하고 느낌이 있었다.