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  • 2018年名誉市民の日

  • 今日の映像 SMG 701
    What kind of city is Seoul to you?
    서울은 당신에게 어떤 도시인가요?

    Seoul is the the most rapidly evolving city in the world
    – Rubio Luna Serjio Alejandro 2017 서울 명예시민

    Seoul has a good infrastructure
    And most importantly, people try hard
    i was born in Bogota, the capital city of Columbia
    i wish my city could learn a lot from Seoul

    – Sisyer Maria Bertilde 2011 서울 명예시민
    I first came to Korea 54 years ago
    I wanted to help kids in this dark, busy country
    I wanted to give them light and be friends
    Korean people live very diligently
    That is why Korea developed
    They didn’t develop easily
    That’s why I like them

    – Batdelger Bodigal 2017 서울 명예시민
    There is a Korean saying that goes,
    ‘A good horse should go to jeju island, and young people should go to Seoul.’
    I think those who are hungry for development
    should come to Seoul
    Seoul has brought out various parts of my personality

    I’m so glad to come to Seoul, a land of opportunity

    – Sergio Joao Teiexeria Congo 2016 서울 명예시민
    Seoul is a city oof citizens
    I went to watch korea vs America games
    during the 2002 World Cup
    When I saw countless people gathering
    in front of the Seoul City Hall
    I felt that the citizens of Seoul
    had the power of their own

    So I think Seoul is a city that citizens make

    A city of evoltion

    진화의 도시

    A city of opportunity
    기회의 도시

    A city of citizens
    시민의 도시

    Become a proud honorary citizen of Seoul!
    서울의 자랑스러운 명예시민이 되다!

    When I became an honorary citizen of Seoul,
    I was so glad and thankful
    I thought that I shoul work hard
    and do volunteer work

    I thought that I could donate
    to Seoul or Korean sociery

    – Elisabeth Chabanol 2016 서울 명예시민
    I felt like I became a real citizen of Seoul at that time
    I asked myself if I could ever leave Seoul in the future

    If you are recognizezd as an honorary citizen of Seoul,
    you become a real Korean citizen
    I have not changed my passport yet,
    but I think I am a Korean citizen at heart

    I’m really happy that I have this distinction
    among all the foreigners,
    amd I was so honored for this favorable assessment

    You are a proud honorary citizen of Seoul
    Please show your infinite capacity
    in this amazing city, Seoul!

    Thank you for being a citizen of Seoul
    서울 시민이 되어주셔서 감사합니다

    We will reward you with a better Seoul
    더 나은 서울로 보답하겠습니다.